Saturday 2:37 PM

@ good ole lulu’s ahahaha

had a great tequila night with kenzie brianna and

I have a phone now

It’s been like 2 weeks at least without a phone.

listening to some freestyling tape from last night.

Avery wants to buy my sound library as a subscription so I’m going to make that right now.

BUT I also gotta reinstall Maschine so that’s going to take like all weekend :( :(

-=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=- -=-=-


  • consolidate maschine
  • build sound library 4 avery (they’re going to buy a subscription!)
  • hang with hunter
  • record forest jams in woods and campout

    sitting pretty cause I love my laywer
    you haven't fucked your lawyer yet?
    I'm michael a modern tom saywer
    pro bono  
    bonobo in my peripheral
    keto zuchini n esso on da vinyl
    I miss myself
    I miss myself missing you
    my laptop missing a screw
    Still works I can fix anything said hunter
    remove maschine from mac
    people to ADSL
    program then paint divinitree
    propigate saving humanity
    how to be super sayan
    instructable? dot com
    how to be a super sayan cmon !
    how to be a super sayan cmon !
    step 1
    get fucked
    get fucked  
    would you forgive my ugliness
    leaving an arp for too long
    love hating the beat, and the function it has on me
    devices to distract from whats important
    hating the beat but
    ARP  for too long
    bitch you pay for your wallpapers
    like a wallflower
    indie go go no go pro yo milo
    I love your shit
    lets talk hofstader
    I got your itch

Rape With an Accent and Andys Auto Supply

2018-07-28 14:37:20 -0700 -0700

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