March 16th, 2020. 16:27 Loc La Guardia airport in Chicago. Heading to New York for God knows why? Because we finally have a place, and it’s one that

UFO Threat List
me on the toliet

Just pure tea tree oil on my mouth forgot what I was really going to type cause I had to boot up. And that was days ago. Now I’m done working construction for Aris and he get me a good amount of hours and sorts.

No one can go 15 minutes without talking about the Corona Virus. I’m real glad I’ll be back to my headphones interface, hard drives, and MIDI controller. It’s still not too late to make enough to not have to work the rest of my life before I’m 30.

\ Start with Art
add F t art take stutter outa start
walk in park call it the neurotic yard its her house of cards if the cards were glass and the goose ipas were empty and free drinks make up for 13 hours crazy to think too much too long without a log like a river without a frog blake spat expect poison in standing water That’s why I sing to frogs why I rap I’m a frog tryin to get them back I’ll back it up River hard on me she like paupler tree
so walk with me up winding windy city first time in a year haven’t been homeless now moving to the city not on the lease though so end your life with art what most beauitful scene than them last breathing dads last please help I can’t breath my last turn it up my music on repeat my music on the seat

=-=-= ‘@n the plan’ (3) ‘if da plan da plain’ (5) ‘southwest from des plaines’ (5)

‘one and the same’ =-=-=


Quora partners program

  • You get paid to ask questions? How was I invited? I went on the site for years strictly lurked. Who knows.

`Is corona virus worse than the flu?

How bad is corona virus going to get in the United States?

Has anyone under 50 died from corona virus?

Did the corona virus because the Chinese government wanted to distract from the protests in Hong Kong?

When will a woman in tech get a statue of their own?

How should you celebrate international women’s day?

Are women happy with international women’s day?

Whose the strongest woman we’ve never heard of, today (on international woman’s day)

Whose the most impressive woman you personally know?

What’s the best speech written by a woman?

What’s the most popular invention invented by a woman, that most people don’t know about?

What’s some of the best jobs for stay at home mom’s?

Who is Tulsi Gabbard?

Is Katy Perry gay?

Has the new James Bond film really been delayed because of Corona Virus? Or is it a conspiracy?

How many lovers does Nicki Menaj have at a time?

Now that Alex Trebek has cancer, is there going to be less poisonous food in grocery stores?

Who is Alex Trebek?

Are hiring freezes actually real because of corona virus?

Why did the Ultra Music Festival really get cancelled?

Is Taylor Swift gay? `


Live in New York, Betts
I storytell now
I calmed it down

we got so many themes on this show
so many themes
we got whose your best friend,

mine’s jack aa
he's the news caster
predicts the future

it's me and JACK

cut to jack
live in san francisco, I'm your host Jack Styles

I just don’t wanna eat meat
I think that’s why I’m puffy

Definitely garlic on the daily

in the eye of the storm


warming up dem red socks on the plane
we got a free bottle of gin
cause of her smile not me

helen's watching me type
I type her goals
ask her goals
what a shorter word
for quaratine
fleshlight on birthday request


Raising Sexually Dead Meta Viruses

2020-03-16 16:26:30 -0500 -0500

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