Tuesday 1017 AM

Slept two horsu - barely made it to class ! up front flim flam books by list:




Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, owners of the Hitching Post Wedding
Chapel, who had enthusiastically offered their services to all comers for decades,
prepared to test the local nondiscrimination ordinance by reincorporating
earlier this fall to add religious themes and purposes to their business
charter. They sued the city preemptively once the federal courts had confirmed
that Idaho’s ban on marriage for same-sex couples was

From Sagan’s Demon-haunted world:

To Tonio, My grandson.
I wish you a world Free of demons And full of light.

Mt Sinai

’ holy city “ in santa cruz

” big actions cover small actions that’s all Ill say “ - anthony prathakis

willow garage


Hippocrates of Cos is the father of medicine. He is still remembered 2,500 years later for the Hippocratic Oath (a modified form of which is still here and there taken by medical students upon their gradua- tion). But he is chiefly celebrated because of his efforts to bring medicine out of the pall of superstition and into the light of science. In a typical passage Hippocrates wrote: ‘Men think epilepsy divine, merely because they do not understand it. But if they called everything divine which they do not understand, why, there would be no end of divine things.’


I drink sake by myself cause I’m depressed I regret I repent I feel too much I spent I ate I ate I fed I fed up

michael betts

I make art and try to recycle


not a collapse just change old school vs new ways upper cut fed run banks

Tuesday 354 PM


Cat is out of the bag I’m out of the kitchen

microwaved a quesidilla

Hear the situation

Katie drove me home and we had a meeting about a dance piece all about the feminine feeling I’m so lucky to be a part of such a piece I’m drinking sake by the coozi at my place

holy mother of God why do I always want to dietjust saw a lizard and love this space I challenge myself to endless ways

catchup on poliwat and submit to reason fulfill my goals or submit to treason there’s always a new way to spend a season I lucky I guess cause there’s a beach situation this weekend with a cutie deli we’ll hit the beach cliffes sea and hit a BBQ @stefans and dani’s we will smell fried zuchini up on the grill

that’s done enough said I’m not rapping anymore until I dead Last night’s show was the worst of the worst though my rapping is not that according to most moist is the worst word in the wikictionary absurd what I use to describe my smelly breath like dragon bong on the table chemical habits got me dried out I need to work not let my dreams spoil pro bono medicaid I got coconut oil

help help help help help help help this isn’t copy past this is help help help

cause through the sewage and waist of my mind it”s always worth diving down depths at a time cause up come gems and those I shine outward bound to those around and that’s all I’m reminded of on constant ocassion relationships drive my voice to reason and convince to masses that all need see change as constant don’t get lost in your ways

Am I a guise or a disgrace? who throw stones at me without a trace my mind is my guise and I truly wish to die by insertion execution treason or flight one of the reasons I wanna be a pilot mike

Verklärte Nacht - Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Verklärte_Nacht Verklärte Nacht (Transfigured Night), Op. 4, is a string sextet in one movement composed by Arnold Schoenberg in 1899. Composed in just three weeks, it is considered his earliest important work. It was inspired by Richard Dehmel’s poem of the same name, combined with the influence of Schoenberg’s strong feelings …


kali and shiva



willow garage



tuesday 443 PM

honey you don’t always have to ask how I am cause sometimes I’m just up to no good and it’s more fun when you let me do that without words

holy shit okay high in bed about to masterbait but check it out, I want to reword some thoughts



Question Dejure

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