mac n cheese


green beans

all the school lunch and it's so nice

teachers are nice

but my eyeshave been twitching all day

and heading to the studio right after work

on lunchy breaky now

and doing something different each day is the secret to not letting the weeks fade and blend together into months and years

and even if you have to treat it like a general that needs to win the war,
and treat each moment the moments that need it a battle

wow I'm that regina song where she sings ''you can write but you can't edit''

gina took the train with me today so she could go to TJs and I went an hour early to meet with lauren for lesson plans ||


at the studio got some drum practice in but now going to go see craig :D

Put in a Good Word to the Queen for Me

2020-11-02 12:35:51 -0500 EST

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