Slept like a mother fucking rock because I shakti’d through the entire viewing of ‘under the tuscan sun’. Got a projector from Luisa off letgo, for $50. It’s a cheap little thing that works well enough if the room is dark.

Helen left an hour ago to go to Harlem for the night with her sister, Gina is waiting to get picked up from Waleed to go to Cape Cod…. it’s just going to be me and Bec! The boys only, we might meet up with Rob B. I made a classic american breakfast, eggs, bacon and toast and we just all ate at the table. Becca’s wrapping up the dishes now.

I just got a half 0 from my new dealer, had no clue what he was going to be like but he’s fucking clean and cool thank god :D

My logs have gone to shit, and I’m not going to lie - my mood has gone to shit a little bit, but has come up again the past few days. My family was being difficult about stuff in Cali, my mom wanted me to come stay a whole month, my dad’s van they said I could have is now being traded in for some yard work, blah blah blah. My new mode is 0 expectations, and doing anything that makes my mom happier. I just can’t fight anymore, and I keep looking at flights and really wished I snagged the 2 87 dollar seats :(.

I’m coming to realize more and more the requirement of being in a city for me and my work. I don’t want to leave Brooklyn even for 10 days to see my family- they don’t respect me and hold weird resentments and are scared to speak openly to me. It’s not their fault- I can cut people down with words a little to harshly. Most of the people that have known me for a long time never forget those cutting moments. Guess I just cut too deep. Oh well woe is me LOL no expectations, the bar is low. Rehearsals at the studio are going well, and yesterday Helen and I got caught in a great thunderstorm on bikes when the rain soaked our bones on the way to pick up my keyboard. We waited for the rain to die down, pulled it out of the box, borrowed a trash bag and Gina’s bungee chords, and it strapped perfectly in Helen’s backpack. But when we got home I realized I forgot the power supply at guitar center. So I went back and found out it didn’t come with a power supply, but Sean hooked it the fuck up, he said ‘Im a fixer’ and he went in the pack and dug up a pwer supply and just handed it to me. I made some shitty interludes, Brooklyn 1, 2, 3, 4 and they all suck but I’m gettig my chops up. That’s how you do it. You iterate. I was onto something for some of them, that I know. So when I got back home the second time I found out the G key is broken, in the most important octave on the only 49 key thing. So I’m going to return it for sure, but will make some beats with it first. ||


Oh what to do, what to do today! Back to the dailies and the chasing of magic and nothing else. A jog may be in the works…

Projecting the Tuscan Sun

2020-07-02 10:57:41 -0400 EDT

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