spent the day remixing DFW’s this is water, here it goes:


other animals bond, but they don’t go bananas

don’t listen to people when it comes to money

point of the life - a good party

what DNA is trying to do - create what you imagine instantaneously

we addict to each other

secret history of the human race

new part of the human mind

what I learned

If any animal we are inspired by, let us be inspired by the octopi. They have telepathic abilities, a future communication option for humans.

Since being a boy I’ve always loved the C IA

the universe is not rational or logical logic is one tool to predict

people abducted my UFOS

our culture sets us up to implicitly bend over for the employer. I am an employer, always.

everyone clicks on clickbait

gaslight your cat

waste chop then write like you’re running out of time

when you trip on psilocybin, the trips are influenced our shamanistic ancestors that influenced the drug

invisible permeating something, in all things and its novelty and novelty is going to end


thursday 1218

thursday 814 pm

There is only one job in this world. That is the producer. Life is not a play, with us as actors. We construct our own realities, handpick our casts, like good working ant producers.

What’s the point in all life? A good party.

just moving thoughts helped laura move all day now I’m moving myself! will bike to cruzio later to see if brent has loaded the homeless tape ont my premium metal edition external. -=-=-=–==–==–==–==-=–=-=-=-=

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