operation make dad proud


  • guy who sneaks into abandoned or unoccupied or just open places and makes music


Got back form a nice bike ride all over the city, to the water and back. Filmed a guy asleep on a couch outside a relatively busy street hugo se



Pleasure, where is it?

Today involved a longtime intention.
A morning cycle to the water, first thing.
The alarm went off at 8AM and said ‘mirror work’, which I never do.

My brain is so foggy right now.

but you know, that feeling

when you want to Pocahontas your life a bit

not elizabteh warren,

like wake up, and run to a tree by the water and sing your heart out

I want to wake up and do that first thing every morning.

I didn’t feel like singing and there was construction work and it was out on the edge of brooklyn looking at the statue of liberty over the water

and who cares if I’m glad I did it or not -
the real pleasure is in operation make dad proud. no drama with anyone and taking my work more serious than taking jokes or a midget taking it up the ass.

where are all the vulgar people?
not here, all these girls are putting me in classy class. I shouldn’t have shown a remixed video of some performance art, a naked woman was crawling stomach up on all fours while epic music played and a boss battle gui was over laid. It’s called Gaping Dragon . webm
and I shouldn’t have shown it to helen becca and gina.

Would they ever recommend me for anything?
Yes probably anything, but only if it was indoors, in private, outside the public eye.
Who would want to associate with someone publicly with my words, actions, sense of humor? Nope no drama here because this is all made up in my head and it’s nice to get dumb at least once a day. Today I filmed a homeless guy sleeping on a couch in a parking lot.

But operation make dad proud cause he’s dead and I’ll soon join him is making me finally take this daily list more seriously. And it’s seriously fun - a work day that involves filming, recording, editing, reading, writing, working out, and OH SHIT at 6:30 PM today I have a new weekly Russian club with my sister!!!!!!! Can’t wait, I’m going to go ahead and practice in the mean time.

I need to setup the recorder too to get that rig, I’ll ask her how to pronounce each line in this Russian song I wrote a while ago.

I feel strong and young and sexy and all that came from the exercise ball Helen got me.

I brought home a free old iron fan that looks like classic New York, when it was good in the 50’s in the newspaper rooms.

I don’t care about censoring anything, because there’s too much censorship in our world, and our world view.

I love everyone and this life and I love God - what more do I ask?

I’m going to go make something with my hands right after this. That’s where the true pleasure today lies - not in words, but in actions.

^^ over \\lay that with me typing || ||| ||| || || \\ \\

// notes to add :

finding new lines in my skin

no one knows about the fusion bomb that
dropped 65 million years ago by humanoids

no one knows because the earth ate it’s entire history
ate it like what I record daily
is that what my dad meant
saying an
Exercise in futility ?

Dailies Questions Answers
Read() What did you read? Sparknotes Anna Karenina
Write() What did you write? freewrite above (me helen and becca did one)
Create() What did you make? one hell of a chicago dog
Exercise() Dance workout (or otherwise?) Biked to the water
Audio() You recorded what: my freewrite and more
Video() You filmed what: Random shit in city
Finish() You bounced what track: Tabitha!.wav
Live() You sang what live: My Gifts to Maureen
Finish2() You made what visuals Tabitha!
Phone() You called who: X
Share() Uploaded what to archive: Guitar ludes recorded over past few days
PBD() You did what for PBD? X
Web() You did what to POLIW.AT? this post
Love&Legacy() You did what for friends/fam? X
God() You’re grateful for what? My brain and coffee and the best sister ever


what for









|| why is the top screen typing me typing terminal and doing a monologue ||

|| || || ||

welcome to pitchers


Where I pitch you shows till you give me food and shelter in the form of a contract involving money, which I hate. (spit on the ground) …

I love nature myself

Power of the Voice on Space in Love

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