Poor Balls ‘aka paul bowels ‘

poor balls ‘no money always horny has a hernia in their balls sack HUGE BALLS metaphoric and physical ‘

went to a meditation retreat and

‘screamed!!!!! ‘ ‘HIGH REWARD IN NO TIME!!!! ‘

it wasn’t some wanted criminal ad but easily could’ve been

its n the sentence that the truth fell

its in-between the words that the stoop feel

its in the bowels that the heart fell

its in the screams that the joke fell

its in the jokes that the screams came

and it was me that felt all and by and why and large - the same.

0–00–0 POOR BALLS - out +++++——++++——+++++——+++++——+++++ 0–00–0

cig and a smartphone
contract on break

More on The Lonely Cholo later they’re my favorite character in my book

Poor Balls and the Lonely Cholo

2020-04-28 09:53:17 -0400 EDT

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