Sunday 635 AM

Today I’m going to try something new.

From 7 to 7 I’ll pomodoro it.

prac lines
sound Library
workdoor dash


10:30 - 11 Shower 11 - 1130 - Clean Kitchen 1130 - 12 - submit ticket to caviar to change to bike

12:38 PM - Sent sydney audio, got coffee,

12:38 - 1pm - blocking ep 1 for pbd 1pm - phone calls 139 PM - still working at starbucks on PBD ep 1

2:16 PM TODO - finish website

never trust someone with so many tabs open

and that’s basically going to be the theme for the day

What would you like to hear at 60 years old? This show is what I want to hear when I’m 60.

Sunday 3:47 PM


Sunday 432 pm

Fucking pomodoro man.

Working only on killing the show.

Funday 644 PM

I just picked up an apple at the local produce market and put it down. I’m fasting. I’m fasting because it expedites focus. I will eat one meal a day for the rest of the week. Basically a big keto salad each morning is the goal.


Funday 806 pm

because he said I know he said she said is WEAK we see it all the time

I know it’s confusing but that’s reality

Pomodoro Life

2018-01-21 06:35:22 -0800 -0800

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