I took the day off and went sailing with my friend

My mindset has completely changed. I’m young. I’m going to do the stupid unsafe thing for a while. I’ll survive. And if I don’t there will be a catalog of working documenting my journey. It’s all about making tracks based off audio collected from the day.

Chris and I sampled his boat, we call it the old gwen drum kit ahahahaha.

I grew a new appreciation for the ocean, from a wind perspective. In sailing you have fewer options. If you want to hit a certain point, you can use tacking.


Today I have goals before waking up early for the 17 with Stefan.

  • launch the center of github
  • cut together archive footage while on the road for uploading the youtube videos
  • release 1st sample pack of the old gwen drum kit
  • start cutting together album of water ( go with flow, flow know where to go)

finish center of github - try to get ONE SOLD ( link to patreon )

what I’m listening to now.

249 PM

Going to catchup with my friend Dibs and record his sax on Stefan and my track for the ecstatic dance people!

324 pm

Only talked on the phone with people the past 30 minutes and looked at books in santa cruz bookstore

The 4 loco has been heavy on my mind all day, and once I get in the groove of bouncing samples I’ll take a drag. Gotta get the site up first! And release a youtube cut of the center of github.

Play Hooky Set Sail

2017-08-17 10:39:11 -0700 -0700

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