Friday 1122 AM

About to do rehearsal for the babayaga stuff.

laser cutter came in today, its a good Fuckin day. -=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==–==- -=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==–==- -=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==–==-

Mantra of the day is to blend with my bandmates


Ahahaha writing the show for Sean, it’s coming along nicely.

Making the playlist right now.

Need to get Ableton 10 stat.

-==-=-=-=-=-=– 420 yesterday was amazing. I had a real fun time climbing this tree, adrian and danny from the trailer park were in there it was amazing. Nick Matt and I had a hilarious scoot n bike down empire grade right after we got super high at my house with adrienne. Adrienne and I are officially friends! We had a real fun hangout session. SI got fire ass audio, and am about to get more fire ass audio with a crush. A fun day in store! At mchenry.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-==–=-=-=-==- -=-=-=-=-=-=-==–=-=-=-==- -=-=-=-=-=-=-==–=-=-=-==- -=-=-=-=-=-=-==–=-=-=-==-

-==–= -==–= -==–= -==–= -==–= -==–=

sound library CATS

- PBDP == pale blue dot promo ( short, usually less than a minute promos, something in the real life and someone saying something around pale and blue and dot )

**kk bay **

Planting A Tree And Art Party

2018-04-21 11:34:10 -0700 -0700

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