Monday 107pm

in the waiting room - helen just went in AND just came out, they cant see her today damn I was just getting started and it’s an emergency



lightyears later now we @ the DMV \

almost made it to the trees on the side of the hill

almost bout to be called

then SLO

then procuring beach supplies

liek suncream equals presco

then glasses need be found then idk I’m a week deep of no weed and my dreams are getting SO VIVID

ahahaha these dudes were talking about trucks while tossing a frisbee and I was talking about how I want to get a truck earlier, and there was a jaguar british sports car in PP in SM then

and no cigs PERIOD. not even bumming them except when kevin’s around cause I just can’t say no and it’s great to do it and helen isn’t even telling me to quit everything but we saw magnolia last night and I wanna be a straight edge cop and Im on that path and I just wanna be a pilot and I am a little spastic but not more spastic than normal in a lot of ways - ||| write write write its been so long since a good long polilog and you know what? Cause I’ve been journalling with my hands in this journal bonnie gave me like 2 months back, and you know what further / it’s about full and I have nothing real to type but am getting the muscles back cause tomorrow melon leaves and it’s just me ableton 7 hard drives and a tent with a router and my credit score ? burn it and my new dream ? hit up casey alexander, the current most notable person of nipomo, storyboard artist and director for spongebob and other work, and you know what ? tomorrow film with chad and you know what ? it’ll probably have to happen later but you know then what and then what and what do you do with your hands and your tongue when you just have enough to buy a driver’s license and it was not like im spoiled by anything but love and I have nothing good to say because my vivid dreams are carrying into the day and I won’t even mention what they trigger cause even here in a safe space , the last safe space I know of – it takes time to get the mmuscles back to write like it is _ and I like all the parts n paths of that ||| and Im not manic and I didnt do enough acid, they didnt do enough and this is just the warm up FUCK backspace and I love LOVE LOVE LOVE open dialogue constantly to the point you can shout BLODDY VASGINA out the sienna window to a granny - and its not considered a heckle in the world I live in, where wagner is playing always and there are speakers everywhere and not as many cars unless they’re flying and i am icarus when it comes to my xander if xander was a function for something else || you already know its a shitty log michael but this is who Im talking to this is who I dont care about on the surface and this is who will exist because I’ m already gone, so be Good dont spell correct it to god and dont even think about what that dude said at grocery outlet that one time about how you you you ou he he he they ht they they they are all afraid to talkabout it but its dog backwards

My driver’s license is about to bereplaced! !!!! it took a while they are about to call me waiting at the SDMV from PP to DMV to

from PP to DMV to Beach

then walmart cause it’s only 4 dollars to cash a check

then beach

HELEN GOT ME ABLETON ILL PAY HER BACK AND I GOT MY FAV PLUGINS WORKING OMG OMGOM GOM GOM GOMG OMG OMG GOM this is the best day to go to the dmv cause morale got real high

Planned Parenthood With Dads Sienna

2019-07-08 13:06:31 -0700 -0700

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