pipedream (UNDONE)

write your own religion

type daily in your own font

perfect your digital self ()

all humans paint, already

we lied before the internet. but now we can lie even more in our digitial selves.

You curate your own digital self.


  1. Esperanto the lost tapes : learn the language and uncover the secrets of humanity in the only language suitable to do so.

  2. esperanto short vocab list on wiki

  3. Kantas Pri Disciplino

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ]

Perfect Digital Self Project

weird science that’s important for poliwat



monolith apps have given us quotes


why’d I get on fb I forgot db my database is exposed cause I got high and shared past codes through ustream

Istream Ustream we all stream for ice cream is ice cream was validation less inflated like your ego we brush shoulders just to prove you don’t have the balls cunt or general genitalia

pay off audio debt

finish poliw.at

aparently my zodiac/whatever is predisposed to affairs

if only I had the blindness to execute that

You have your audio, now what?

(stop reading this, unless your audio is playing)


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