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H and I got to sleep in cause she didn’t have work. I wake up early when she works out of solidarity and was tired of it. I’m a late night racoon this month. We’re going on a hot date at the botancial gardens today at 1pm, and then maybe even Oxalis afterwards (real expensive) and I’m on a strict spending freeze because I ran out of money, and that’s when the best stuff happens anyways.

The workflow at the new rig is amazing. Whenever I’m waiting on an export or something to load I switch to the other computer. I have a small clipboard to stay on task for each one, though found I wasn’t really needing every single pass off. Casue the pass offs are getting fast!!!!

I am so glad I can make some cool stuff again, it’s just so sad I lost a lot of good audio and video on this broken hrd drive - idk how much it will be to repair or recover the data but I will pay it when I get a job. Or make a living doing what I love. This month is just all about getting the best exports I can in the folders on both machines, each in their appropriate acronym. Then november will be the curator month.

Phase TWO Master Doc Pacing Production Oct

2020-10-01 11:56:08 -0400 EDT

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