Friday 808 PM

@ Peter’s cafe right at the milbrae station. Got a ride from my new buddy Kiev to the North Berkeley BART, he got off at 16th and mission to hit the city with old college friends.

I’d rather pay 10 bucks and sit at this cafe while waiting the hour for the caltrain over taking a taxi, this is much nicer. Then I get to be on my laptop for both.

I’m real inspired to make some cool shit this week. It all begins with the move in. I need to move in and really kill the three places I’m applying to this week. I haven’t made a good log yet

If this waitress walks up again I’ll get 6 silver dollar pancakes cause it’s the biggest bang for my buck on the menu. I look forward to the days when you look at menus for the food items instead of the prices. I do that though.

Looks like Tom’s grant funding is stalled yet again but I am undeterred, he will at least pay 50 bucks a session for being the recording engineer for the show the modern architect. So I’m happy about htat, cause it basically pays for a free day at the station, which I love. However that would mean I’m at the station like freaking thurs and monday, so I’m going to try and switch my time to Friday nights I think. Friday or thursday nights.

I do need to eat but she’s not coming up so it looks like I’m ogin gto get hyped up off of coffee. That’s fine though.

Alright I folded. Ordered the pancakces. My writing is off cause I’ve been in paradise all week. I am not going to repeat a single kids name here out of respect for their identity. But I did give out my email to a few kids.

The primary job of Cabin Leader is to sleep in a cabin with 7 kids. You have to coherce them to sleep. A lof of the other campers play guitar, or tell a story. The kids love it, the cabin leaders are real popular for it.

I made up a game where we through a mattress on the ground, and then open the front door. Then we hosted a slide olympics where the kids run in from outside and jump on the mattress, attemptng to hit the heater on the other side of the room.

This one kid ‘Ace’

thta was giving me a hard time. He was an endearing combination of a pussy, a homophobe, and a dick all at once made me choke up at one point. We were about to go to sleep when he said “

{ Contact tess S }

-==-=- 852 pm

for steve seed,

I’m not sure at what point yu care


But I’ve spent a lot of hours in the woods, making music in nature acoustic enviromnents.

This is the deal.

But if I had just 30 days where I could only work on this, then

Could you just give me 4,000 to start off, and I’ll produce not only this project, but any other one.

Like I’ll be your private little hacker da vinci,

if you need something specced out, I could write specs,

but if you have specs, then that’s a task better suited for someone else. Cause I’m all about creating from the new, or from scratch.

cominbing two already existing ideas in new cominations.

like yu gi oh or magic the gathering


857 PM

aannndd I find myself on caltrain yet again. Thank god I bought a ticket this time, it looks like I’m about to get checked.

I miss camp already. It was so healing. That’s my new addiction. It’s okay cause I’ll be building some cool new shit. Finishing poliwat and then debuting it this summer to practice with the kids at camp is definitely the goal now. I just need to make enough money to keep my housing and pay for school in order to finish my degree this spring. That’s all I gotta do.

I will go all out on creating a beta for the poliwat suit.

Peters Cafe

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