Friday 10:31 AM

Don’t start reading until you play this

A major client we have here has a major page down for their international (french site). I really had to shit and drink coffee so I wasn’t much help and now I should be working on fixing that, but am also consulting my buddy tyler on some flexbox use for a client of his.

Going to Michigan on Tuesday, so real quick notes, these things have to happen today -

  1. Get Driver’s License at the DMV
  2. Logout of everything on this computer, give back to Stefan by 4 pm
  3. Fix my laptop if the new charging port came in the mail
  4. Pack for catching train tomorrow for hometown/michigan
  5. Jump on public transit to meet Jack, work on the Sims Sims and hopefully meetup with


business write up to explain poliwat to chad, meeting Sunday 2-4pm organize sound library, start building sample kits for poliwat

1134 am working but UpDATE, Poliwat last night officially became a squad. My roommate and most recent BFF Stefan told me he’s down to join. Ironically I type this on your laptop dude, thanks a bunch for letting me borrow it the past couple days!

12 58 pm not very productive right now had to run to the bank to take care of an emergency

I called peter 3 times yesterday and 1 time today so far, no calls back

friday 154 pm

leaving work early to pack, return laptop and head to san mateo to see jack - stefan and I will travel together so it’s gonna be real fun!!!

friday 422 pm

on the good old 17 yet again

stefan and I are traveling together

support weird art
cause you're going to die
please help


2017-07-28 10:30:53 -0700 -0700

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