Tuesdat 114 PM

Sitting in the trailer on our property on the mountain. It’s dirty, needs new apolstery and has a mushroom growing on the inside above the door. I’ve never lived in a trailer before. I don’t mean to wallow in existential, cause that kills time.

I like the sounds here. There’s two crows having a distinct conversation. I need to calm down. I woke up with a lot of pressure in my head. I felt it Yesterday as well. It was hard to focus on volleyball. Now I want to work at bookshop santa cruz, and lie low. I said this a few weeks ago. Am I stuck, am I complacent? No, let me list out the average tasks I’d like to spend my time doing given each week.

produce a radio show
make beats, then release 3 tiers of STEMS on beatmasters
finish my book
work at a bookstore
prepare for Poetics 2
release audio map updates
finish last class
practice poliw.at
VJ to make my ownmusic vidyas
release a hiphop track weekly

^ Now that’s what I should focus my discipline, let’s fit it in loosely over a week


  • radio show prep


  • radio show 11 pm

  • class


  • go record people downtown
  • free food 5:45 PM farmers downtown
  • update poliw.at


  • make beats from recordings

  • class


  • update map / paleblue.fm / Patreon


  • free food 4pm downtown


  • free food 4pm downtown

  • poliw.at / hackShit excluse / google hangouts with patreon people

^with most days available for work

go record make beats from recordings
go laser everything
go become independent from the government

I need to make it a point to get a new node on the map each day, starting TODAY.

Going to launch the site and radio show prep, all right now. This trailer is sweet but I need power soon.

I can keep going until my laptop is about to die, because I suspect there’s a little more to say.

I’m documenting an observed life, if anything, and there aren’t any rules, so fuck it… get fucked….. get fucked up….. don’t give a fuck!

Ok fuck you fuck you Michael I’m going to standardize what I’m making a little bit, cause I need more practice. I think of the shit I can make in 3 years, after making a FUCK TON of my own brand. Let’s continue down the rabbit hole.

workflow for a beat: - set a duration - label bpm, key, vibe

Make 50 sample kits off my own sounds {set time limits} audio hit list HIT THAT INSTEAD OF SEX MICHAEL

music video

Tuesdat 1:37 PM

I’m starting a time journal. logging how long it takes me to do tasks / from simple to the most complex tasks I can do consistently. I think poliw.at is the place to make the journal BUT TIFF just drove by and handed me my google FI sim card which came in the mail meaning I HAVE A FUCKIGN PHONE TONIGHT HOPEFULLY

k going to leave the trailer / charge up get in contact with cam who has my pixel and public transit to kzsu su SOS LOVE YOU !

tuesdat 505 PM

made music all last night and today, so I’m feeling a little bit better. In the car, kenzie and I just pcked up Brenden’s husky, she’s going to walk him while I chase wifi ++ power downtown.

525 pM

just got to LULUS

3 pipe hits juul all day

Pale Blue Trailer

2018-08-14 13:13:45 -0700 -0700

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