tuesday 628pm

@ the beach barefoot

walked a bit
play good boyrfriend
walk her cross the city now Im on the beach barefoot
peros coming tides coming up wingsurfers coming in
I coming up

its time to dip in

grasshopper my grasshopper
 snuck on the bus
 noisebridge meeting tonight
 bout to use her buss pass
 bout to sneak on BART
 bout to announce my pale blue nonprofit
I'm pleased to announce
 we've patttnered with social good fund !
 Pale blue Live !!!
 in startup talk its
 open source creative tech projects
 for philosophers its
 for laymen its a podcast
 for everyone its free
 for you all because I'm michael betts
 your host
 for pale blue live

 welcome to life, the musical
grasshoper my grashopper
my lappy getting sandy
time to get feet wet
see you next sesh

and the time came

and I know my future

when I focus on dreaming enough

and at the noisebridge and you are like a toliet smelling circuit you nameless person here

and I need the mic ahahaha

-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=-


ls pwd >

hey im michael im a

umm I

left my sandwhiches at home L O L

and someones on the cutter and I shouldn’t drink more

and it’s gonna b e l i t



_ 938pm

am I strong or weak

like weak if I dont write bout that day

euqaliing this night

this day

no wallet no ebt no dollars

damaged knees hurt sleep hurt bio

free lunch at || st anthony’s ||

craig cant loan me money

got great film with helkat walking to Presidio then sneakin on a bus right away panhandle

helen rolled me a spliff I dropped her off to work, filmed dancing barefoot round the beach

matt came from catering w/ great stories how he banged his step sis’s friend in OC on a visit trip

|| brought salad I inhaled immediately, $40 cheese pastrami n fruit and wine || I’m polishing off the wine now and in a meeting and wanna smoke outside cause its financial talk and I don’t have a dollar so can’t speak and then also LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE I CHILLEN LOL everyone’s lost without love and I love her so much too much I might || asia made a diy hardpad for dance dance revolution and I finished the bottle I promised I’d weld a metal bar for it but tonight after the announcement |||||||

imma DDR

| impetus route root |

how many lines does it take to say

Im out of everything

should I just die

my question sometimes

while sober while drunk

|| ||



Pale Blue Presidio

2019-06-04 18:27:36 -0700 -0700

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