Today back on dailies, and back on acronym city cause it’s OCTOBER!!!!!!!!

What’re you going to be for halloween, when you grow up?

We have a closet full of costumes everyone here is W E I R D sooo

Sending off resume within 25 minutes for that wall street gig with kids.

Polemic Poliwat

FBR = Federal Beat Reserve Theme Intro



Getting a lot of trouble focusing, getting lost in kirsten hacker’s blog inbetween ableton exports… and pulled out the materials I requested from SVA. Looks great, what can I say.

Back to listening to Archive, always a pleasure :D

Just to re hash, it’s the month of October, which is the month of production - the main goal of the month is to continue filling up the folders of each acronym. Then November is going to be the curating month. December will be the distribution month.

AJ -



HH -


Remember try to mostly say ideas in one of the hop skip jump drop L cooz friend arch.

Pale Blue JOKE

2020-10-06 10:59:13 -0400 EDT

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