I am generally out of touch

with what?

out of touch with my pomodoro life

but back in it for a free write. Helen’s working from home today

I’m foinf shsioesdf Scasdherfsksdfkhsdfhudshsh dahiuahiadsiuhiahiuashiuahiahuadisiuh

She’s looking over my should how I’m wiriting I’m out of touch

I’m writing because I’m here to find myself again.

That’s what writing can serve

can it help me find myself yet again and again, quickly consistently?

I miss my brain back !

It’s a free write doesn’t have to make sense

all the sense in the world and it’s making no end

|| no one agrees how it fries your brain

how you can tell and how you can’t

when there’s a certain amount of processing

uh oh someone needs something

I free I write

my god damn horror story was supposed to be a ghost story

everyone in the house is writing a horror story. I got jack to join but ted and gus aren’t interested. Today I’m going to pick up a key from Gus’s coworker, and go empty her fridge }}

I sneezed I didn’t cover my ears last night gina becca and I jogged I bumped this new track for jordan’s bday that chad sent me - added vocals and it’s hilarious.

its kind of raining, I’m all up on tom waits

I’m going to do my dailies list now, starting with right when I wake up. This is on it een if its shit. I’m typing with one hand anyways - waking up in bed. I want to move to the horror story for the rest of this time. It’s called the waiting room.

Out of Touch

2020-04-03 08:06:19 -0400 EDT

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