**1006 am ** asd

yoga and pale blue morning with ted hel


this isn’t even the right day but I’m just getting caught up in the sauce of it all. just talked to hunter and damn I have been so stupid this last week. I promised him I would live stream tomorrow by 7 pm so that’ll be a deadline. it’s perfect cause then I’ll have that a stone’s throw ( one click away ) from paleblue.fm or something, but probably just on the homepage || hunter hasn’t been smoking weed which is real inspiring || I hit a moke earlier in celebration of entering a hackathon peter is hosting with a billion dollar idea. Now I just have to keep things simple and build it. I really am kicking myself for not jumping in the shower during primetime, this brain of mine has gone deep down a rabbit hole and I’m not going to get out until my mom has a beach house and I can sample her on bass over the waves outside. ||

this link will probably break – https://nearprotocol.com/hackathon/

tonight is focused, its just upload | empty | and finish PHASE 1 for the show. show goes in like 3 phases and its so fun and rewarding omg ||

get this working as a reward fun thing to do after phase 1 is complete : https://github.com/carykh/jumpcutter

eternal toDos is still working

and made a manifesto over ‘creative juices’ wine with help last night at pakman. LOL

OSOD Saturdays Child Works for His Living

2019-04-29 10:06:16 -0700 -0700

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