Saturday 1055 AM

On caltrain just left avery’s place :D

We had a real fun time over tacos and a pitcher last night brainstorming for the Art x thing next month.

A 20 foot by 30 foot grid of a laser projection?! Our theme is entropy

I don’t like the feeling of holding back when with people. I’m going to dive deeper into levelling up, and this is how it goes.

I haven’t been throwing audio on here becuase it’s not fast enough. When I can have unlimited data all the time I’ll do it again. But just refering to tracks is good enough, then I can add them during the lul before the next storm.

The sample ‘microexpressions’

sat 1130 AM

On the good ole 17 bus

I drank a yerb and now have a coffee cause I love it but hope I can hold my pee :D

Poliwat is two things

the second it is my social media,

a social media where I don’t have to craft well edited posts, and instead include the bad with with good.

It’s strange I keep going on the fence about sharing shit. It’s just difficult in some ways I suppose. Cause I feel exposed a bit.

June 10th write your father day

Mom audio: are we on yet?

Finally I’ve got a tape. Dear daddy and bobby haha

you guys are in a for a real treat now

so you guys are in for a treat

Im on my way to work right now

I work 12-5

its pretty gloomy out

I’m glad we all sat


cutting together family tape its sooooooooo nice

I went through my parent’s old tapes and found my mom talking about

turning suffering inside out - darlene cohen

Organization of the mind Is Poliwat

2018-04-28 10:54:42 -0700 -0700

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