Friday 2pm {{already>!?}} we just had breakfast in a way it feels like

had a nice park session with bagels goat cheese fig spread and apple juice with ghost at the park by the painted ladies. having a nice day but I’m a little paralyzed about the money situation but I don’t care I know my dreams will come true if I keep working on them || like when it gets to the point where I don’t have a meal option again, I’ll just go record someone’s story I just meet and make a song out of it, do a few hundred of those and people will start caring. I know because I’ve done a few hundred and people I talk to irl are really rooting for it. I am happy to say the nonprofit is legal as of monday , signed the papers yesterday and finished the mangangs music vizzy for 50 bucks matt said I should charge a lot more but damn || I need a mentor || I need a guru || I cannot take this no more || I cannot fake this no more ||

going to play a set asap LOL

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2019-05-10 13:59:37 -0700 -0700

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