@ LA museum where jack and I danced years ago

surprised he called it a treasured memory.

Me and Helcat ate at cantor’s and god damn I had the pastrami reuben and have been high ever since. Real

I like these swivel chairs more than that art on the walls

oh this will fuck us up

always talking enthusiastically about how something’s going to fuck me up, like this black Yerba Mate Tea, this lavender spray, this homemade kombucha. that’s a sign you’ve done too many drugs.

like a rich woman in her prime leaving unfinished drinks every meal out



Drove through the hollywood hills just long enough to piss on the side of the street. At the Barney’s Bean where tarantino wrote pulp fiction and you could see why. Ironic there’s another dude writing something here on a thinkpad. I’d love to work here for sure. Ahahahah agreat holiday vactaion day had a good time at the museum and cantors and after this we’re getting nice mexican food with helen’s auntie elizabeth and I’m in heaven in a few ways and weeee love it all and not even trying to work or do anything today, just love with no goals like poliwat said at some point. Just going to write ep2, and maybe there’s enough time to finish ep 1

As long as there’s a journey and then each ep is a different medical conundrum.

writing this same place he wrote pulp fiction

One True Holiday

2019-12-06 15:28:19 -0800 -0800

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