saturday 258PM

damn yeah rent is due today and omg I am making the money all over these three days, this is middle of day 2 – my driver today is way less cool he’s tiger and can’t speak english so it makes me miss john like last night - hel cat is working a wedding and we keep fucking the bed off the wall so it’s going well - a couple feet from the wall just from


hell in a hand basket? whats that sayinig ? I am getting a little fuzzzy wuzzy aahahahaha I got home so late last night and we just ate and now are back at work - I need to call craig to see if he can maybe give me an advance on a comission piece I’m making for him but I aam also so tired I am not very conving = I need anohter 200 hundred at least to cover some rent - going to just call and see how he’s doing I soon

we heading to dublin pleasanttne sdjsajfsaklj BART and its a bumping ride and haard to do real work but I can at least get the pale bue fundraiser stuff going down ahahaha ===

including a few promos live show pale blue dot lIVE what does san francisco sound like to you?

I sounds like this ? ohs shit Im still recording ok ok ok ok I’m out


wow I have so much time on my hands really || and damn I do || need to work through these road bumps || they just bump my brain || my micro is putting me in a better mood at least ahahaha || || the tents outside got some good good ya know || || my 9 dollars can go a long way I think ||

On a Bus to Dead and Company Twice

2019-06-01 14:57:48 -0700 -0700

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