Oh god damn how am I so fat fat lazy and becoming a worse version of my dad -

it takes consistence, the boring side of action

to not become our parents

where will it all go

I’ll do my dailies list and forget the withdrawals.

it’s not about stopping something, stopping anything.

I cannot stop. I will not stop.

It’s about redirecting your energy into more useful things,

it’s about living an honorable life.

are you concerned someone you know is becoming extremist?
download the app!

concerned about a family member not getting vaccinated for COVID 19?
download the app!

concerned about graphene in the vaccine?
download the app to make a difference e

concerned about your town or cities water quality?
download the app and speak to a representative

concerned about 2.3 trillion dollars lost by the department of defense?
download the app and make a comment!

are you wondering why magnets are sticking to people
at their injection sites,
and wondering why everyone thinks your crazy for
experimenting yourself?

are you wondering why Falon late night and everything media
denies the thousands of people who are sticking magnets at injection sites and they stick?
download the app and make a difference!

do you have the vaccination?
download the app and prove it!

do you want to buy groceries?
download the app and prove you’re vaccinated!

wondering about the biggest wealth transfer in history mid pandemic?
download the app and make a difference!

there is no app

this is what you do

the best you can do

make a difference

use a browser
use a vpn

stop using smart phones
stop watching listening to the following :
the list goes on and on……. ()all out here) linking ownership

and instead just head to paleblue.fm

a place where you can block out the noise

and just listen to humans and music, 24/7

open source ad free and for the people

submit your audio here :::: at paleblue.fm


don’t know the va


Well well well it’s time for round two of work. Get Vizzies, starting from the beginning - Online :D

Main Rabbit Hole

Welcome to Hypothetical House

Music Videos

Live Videos

Home Videos

IDK how the videos should go.

One at a time ?

Let’s start from the beginning

Just 1 episode of poliw.at LOVES YOU at a time?

My 2 weeks 2 months 2 years is inline with this, but isn’t detailed enough.


Dailies Questions Answers
Read() What did you read? Arcana 5
Write() What did you write? This.
Exercise() Dance workout (or otherwise?) X
Phone() You called who: X
Share() Uploaded what to archive: X
PBD() You did what for PBD? X
Web() You did what to POLIW.AT? X
Love&Legacy() You did what for friends/fam? X
God() You’re grateful for what? X
FA() X
HH() X
AJ() X
hop() X
skip() X
jump() X
drop() X
L() X
cooz() X
friend() X


Oh Well Fatty Belly Mc FatFat

2021-07-07 10:44:03 -0400 EDT

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