Nothing is written

from larwence of arabia

and I’ve seen the film before

and don’t remember that part

cause I watched it ill

like I am now

and I say ill instead of sick


yeah yeah yeah my brain’s in a fog and thebest writings lately I’ve done have beeeeen waaaaayyy far away from poliwa/t so far its boootiliciousful

|||| ||||| SO || ||||| || U || |||||| CANT ||| STOP |||| THIS

CIA failed to recruit me cause I failed the test

but I think I’ll get another chance

p intersting

at least I’m not a threat cause it really turned my insides out in a good way |||

||| love smart people too much to hate the states |||

and no one should ever know this ever again

cause I’m done writing

cause god damn I spent all this last year oijasdoiasfjdso

in a broken way without music and who knows what else there is to write without writing

cause like ASKJDASLJDSAKLJD said _— -__ — as to cue in the queue for intel=(nothing)written

() being what the is is about

and me being what the time slip is about

and Imma let time slip away


|\ birth of eagle studios ||

and am I just sick or is my head being attacked?

and that’s stupid

I’m not special and all heads are being attacked

can I be your editor and if you don’t want editing help right now then I’ll write about you

you’re top 10 favorite phrases, some of them with your eyes

some of them with your face

I was doing an alchie run for the brit sisters when

and max he’s four he asked if I got him anything

and I said yea close your eyes

and gave him an old match

doubt he could start a fire with it, the matches are so old I couldn’t even light a smoke with two of them working together half the time,

and I’ve lit more matches than I’ve made dollars

and that fed my soul

and I smoked enough to graduate from smoking university

for atleast three generations

and if one book says our race is ending

and if one agreed upon genius gives a paid talk of our race ending this century

then I write a bible for my people my biology and make it all crowdsourced anon friendly and free

and then I unplug and replug on the back

like the mice that survive by jumping on the elepant

we survive just a fraction of us by jumping

in the ice on the machine

and while the machine drives

the machine rides you

and my words get crazier

more specific more vivid

that final and only list

that matters

is the fect that

at the end of the day (don’t get your panties in a bunch)

and don’t look away

cause the only list that matters

if god was a dildo

no I’m just stalling

=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=

are we talking majority?

or are we talking minority?

welll hunny

majority fo those we all know about

have ghostwriters

and the ghostwriters are the real ones with words

stop reading anything online

stop reading anything online

stop reading online

don’t read this

don’t read this
don’t read this

now and live vicariously through this


where are all my friends

and my vision’s getting blurry

dont get me too emotional

cause its getting me stoney

in the eyes without smoke


this morning she snapped and pointed down

so I ate her pussy

not cause I owe her 1500 bucks

but because any day you eat the pussy of someone you love (and I love eating pussy) ((and the reasons just keep coming))

is a great day, even if your sick

and I know I started writing this piece to quit writing

but damn I was blowing my nose instead of eating this soup we just made

and shit I went back and gotta get back to dinner

Nothing Is Written About Me

2019-09-09 17:47:47 -0500 -0500

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