Saturday 420 PM

You’d never guess what happened

it’s for GEO can’t share even here

but I can say

@avery’s in palo alto, just picked him up at the airport. We’re talking Omari - going to legally bring on darlene ++ tom in some form

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saturday 459 PM

ok ok ok ok apps are dumb but just met this girl her room is literally the size of idk 8 feet by 6 feet in palo alto

and she made this app buoy, where you can record audio to strangers and meet them that way - super my cup of tea!

Oh and next door Avery’s room is smaller than hers.

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saturday 637 PM

lately been true bawlin. you know, true. shit you don’t need to talk about. you experience it then show through actions of behavior.

bout to go to the dome house jam night

two nights ago we saw the birth of a collective. A collective of artists

Niko Gave Me A Third Eye Pinecone And What Is In My Phanny Pack

2018-06-23 16:20:15 -0700 -0700

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