Wed 528 PM

Black coffee next to me though I’m pretty calm

About to drop erin off at kianti’s for her shift then kenzi and I will run errands.

I tested the internet today with a direct ethernet cable and still got .4 mbsp upload speed so I’m searching for Scott. We can’t get fiber internet here so uh oh . I will have to move if we can’t at least improve the internet. It fucks me in many dimensions.

Wed 904 PM

Hey Paul - ++ FAM == I’d like those cool LED usb cables for bday | christmas that change colors and look alive.

Wed 935 PM

Texting tamar a lil bit

grocery game on point

new moon new me

I’m not going to get too high tonight

and have set my intentions.

I got some LEDs but they didn’t have the right diodes at SC electronics. So the hunt continues! Oh the search for diodes without money.

Set List

life is a sacred circle
I am a spliff
world my stage

I index from 0
internet will not be homogenized
trapt in the womb

Workshop for laser cutting from a drawing to wood

New Moon New Me

2018-05-16 17:27:28 -0700 -0700

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