Tuesdat 540 PM

finally made it home so I’m feeling a lot better already.

Been wanting to just be here, without distractions for a while now.

its already been super annoying not having a phone - I lost about 10 ideas I wanted to write down today cause I was caught dead in the water, a spot without a means to record.

I’ll start carrying a journal around again while I navigate the whole no phone thing otra vez.

Rent is due tomorrow and I don’t know how to pay it, so my solution is to move out just a few days after the deadline. Scott will probably take my deposit back, but we’ll see. Tonight I’m all about organizing - doing inventory and finally getting all my sound library crap done.

Each video gets a sample kit of stuff I recorded, and a link to purchase the beat. Then I get to fuck around with throwing vocals on it and we’re good to go !

I need to mix with some apple earbuds though cause these yamahas are definitely coming out a lil weird.


- consolidate project to 2 HDD's
- get ozone presets to work

=-=-= =-=-= =-=-= =-=-= =-=-= =-=-= =-=-= =-=-= =-=-= =-=-=

garage smells like an ashtray
uh oh we did it today
tonight kevins bday
dad not happy

New Month New Me and Organizing

2018-09-04 17:39:57 -0700 -0700

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