IOSODW if you guess it right.


never leave your laptop desktop tablet dumbphone without

I come from a world where

there shouldn’t be a single

phone with a microphone and camera soldered permantly

yet we live in a world where all smartphones do?

that’s not a smartphone, that’s a dumbphone

you don’t realize your demise

who said that

the dying man never sees the approaching train?

Don’t remember but it sounds cherry.

I wanna genocide all thoughts pertaining to making lists
and that's the first on the list
the second is hit up
robbie and debbie
and that one guy that

all last week
I worked as a farm hand
it's hard work to run a farm!

jesus we talked ambition
and it's funny I'm not against the wall
I made enough to skip town for some time
is it too early to drink hard kombucha?
no because I really laid it into my mom
just texted her again I'm sorry
and also asked her what that book was that said
helen and I are soulmates
just based on our birthdays
so I don't care I'll call her and make plans
when I'm done writing out all these emotions
all these emotions that I
I am not my emotions
I am not the 50% of my body's bacteria
that bacteria is alien
I drink hard kombucha to feed the bacteria in my gut
I take care of my bacteria
and I don't forget my bacteria's ambivalence
if only we could scrape the top of the top 1%
of the best ideas of all schizophrenics
then we wouldn't live in the richest nation on the planet
in poverty
but poverty is relative
when water is free
most citizens are plugged into airpods
they never bother me
cept they assault humanity
I don't wanna sit next to a zombie
and wax cartridges make you retarded
but you can do nearly any job on them
like the DMV
anything paperwork
or government related
goes great with some good wax
but stop ranting mic
state facts !

cause I'm no better
sitting here typing my heart out
too far up my glory hole
to think Imma meet some dumb soul
it's funny wanting to be saved
then not wanting what it takes to save you

lets tag quantum on everything
so I don t sleep
too hyped up
bad vibes Imma leave
suicide outgrew it
u knew it
a lack of oxygen
feels amazing
i have to say to myself
cause dads last words
please help I cant breath

Never Leave Your Machine Without

2020-01-17 16:18:38 -0800 -0800

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