A late night a great morning.

Wowie Zowie

Too much

dos meses


Peter called last night and we reconciliated. Fun stuff,

I was rapping in the closet, and had a FA meeting but only Andrew could make it. We are new bffs, we’re hanging out tomorrow morning around 11.

Today is a big huge upload push, incorporated with activating windows and reformatting the PB spaceship to run the stream before I leave town. Then I’ll setup remote control of the machine so I can edit it while travelling. Oh yeah the biggest news, and I haven’t even logged it on site yet - I got a fullt time salary finally so all these years of part time off time off kilter art chasing has paid off. I saw and conquered, and things are looking up from here. Watch out, Mic. This is when ‘they’ get ya.

Don’t answer any calls you don’t recognize, even though your van’s in the shop again. Practica espanol con el mechanico, el esta feliz porque lo intentas.

My computer shouldn’t be this loud and hot from a text editor. It’s time to start thinking of the next big cheese. Fulltime linux hear I come!

Nervous System Manipulation by Electromagnetic Fields From Monitors

2021-12-10 12:03:34 -0500 EST

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