Monday 1054 AM

Day one of being a naturalist. I have bandanas anad akjhfda slh bsiduhflsjhs l,s jnk

The base of my confidence is this laminated map of camp, with an expo marker. I’ll have the kids figure out the best routes and help them navigate.

I’ll also try to get them to sing as much as they can.

Listening to

A go to whenever you need to calm your nerves before doing something new.

Was also singing ghost of corporate future, my favorite song of all time.

The logs have been weak because life has been amazing. Although there is a small chance I lost my h5 at clusterfuck on Saturday night. So I lost a week of fresh tape, but that’s okay because I have the h1 and am running the show with the kids all week so I can make up for it. Also I did manage to save the best tape of the week on my lappy, from the night of the 1920’s interactive play thing. I don’t even know what it’s called.

But it was a religiously good experience. The actors would pull you aside and bring you in a 5 by 5 room where you just

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Naturalist Mike Day 1

2018-03-19 10:54:23 -0700 -0700

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