Fri 617 PM

With my parental units, we are on our way to Bonnie’s Birthday dinner at a restaurant named Ember.

My parents watch master chef and eat mcdonalds.

So past 24 hours of poliwat venturing.

  1. Sean took me to his dad’s shop. We opened jars of screws and found enough for at least half the mounting brackets for the sliders / effects racks.

  1. Borrowed a self-powered breadboard from Sean in order to diagnose LEDS, as well as two books on solid state electronics. It’s so cool!! I’m bouncing between those and teensy tutorials.

  2. My Teensy 3.6 board has failed every power test of getting a signal out of any of the pins. I may need to order another one. (or turn it into a morsecode detector cause the onboard LED still blinks for some reason.) Going to keep testing it when I get back from this dinner thing.

  3. NeoPixels and other final parts came in the mail!

Added sliders to the effects rack panel:

Lie to me sucks you in

I’m allergic to TV but Sean and Ashley had Lie to Me on in the background while learning stuff on the breadboard. I loved it.

New friend where I’m moving in San Mateo is a Mechanical Engineer, and made some cool pendant stuff with CAD:

It looks great, look forward to hacking on stuff with him.

903 PM

Had a nice b day dinner with bonnie paul marion and my parents.

Gotta hit these trails with them!

Trails to checkout: skunk cabbage Boy Scout trail Jedediah

ahahah this is my mom when my dad drives because he’s fast and furious !!

My Sisters Birthday

2017-09-22 18:16:50 -0700 -0700

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