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Philip Wadler is here talking about Haskell. I ate too many mushrooms and tried to piss in an empty starbucks cup while stefan and I drove through the city, but he hit a speed bump and I got piss all over myself. I’m wearing his clothes :)

This poliwat shit is really my dumping grounds. It’s the one space where I can unleash everything. Other social media sites suck a phat chode. I want to share but not have to worry about what others think. this is my space for that. we all have a space for that, somewhere.

tasklist for michaelbetts dot me

  • make hover over icons a heart not > thing
  • add the innovators podcast
  • make background more spacey

gotta keep it short and sweet, I really went into the weeds today churning out this site

…. am I going sailing tomorrow? I shouldn’t but I sure hope so.

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Started on 2 tracks in maschine based off this tape. I like the idea of moving around a repetitive note. Stefan and Danny came over and I started writing lyrics for Stefan’s latest track, which I pursued the same idea, only lyrically:

I'm looking for humanity through a laptop screen

is it my escape

through all the haze

you owe it to
you owe it only to yourself

in my mind all the time

when you feel []

you wont []

I wanna
hideout in my house
buy my dreams
in a vending machine

outa this atmosphere

space station

I'm looking

high and below

I'm looking High

I'm looking High
and below

Capture your essence from behind a screen
only good tv is for dopamine
they mastered it

the truth
we all end up worm's food



two things in my mind

I'm looking
I'm hard
hard pressed to find
someone who does what they love 24/7
no obstruction

play it


think of life like a play

play it to

heart and soul

but the mud has consumed me with fear



I live my own life


I live my own life

I'm hard


I miss myself missing you

I love myself

I float above all the bullshit you spraying
from another blogger asshole on the street

sunshine on the opacity


I miss myself missing you


I am strong
that my sayance

I am the only one

that has to live with I




I am fed

I am fed up

I am fed

I am fed up with the feeds selling me my next thought

algorithms that train the patterns of

I am fed up with humans excuses for not getting anything done

I am fed up with people not living the way they like
Abstract they problems away to traffic

I am fed

I am fed up with abstracted thought

I am fed up with how we can justify we the ones not doing the damage done

I am fed up with how we can justify we aint the ones holding the gun

I am fed up with my mind

change my mind all the time

great minds think alike

great minds fuck sometimes

this beat makes me wanna ask if you wanna dance I wanna dance I wanna dance with great minds

I wanna make a better world

I wanna make a better BLT

I wanna understand this monkey beat

I wanna express love in new ways

I wanna make sense of the world apocaplypse they left us WITH

they left us

full of sin  

media out for cigs

underhugged underloved
I'm overhugged over worked
I think I might

breakout in breakdance on bart next time I get high

show someone

also brain dump never rap this outloud

call your bitch
call my dick
call your shit dick bitch my dick
that's all they rap these days

My Dumping Grounds

2017-11-15 20:10:52 -0800 -0800

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