(He’s a Billionaire but this sounds better)

Thursday 114 AM

I’m real disapointed in myself.

Threw up at the first coozi sesssion @ my new place up empire grade. The place gets a new name pbdHQ == Pale blue dawt studios.

shot list:


Hey steve

I’m michael michael betts

I’m sorry I missed yoU!

I’m the webmaster for the innovators show, usually I’m there on Fridays.

I know you’re the dude for trends but a little bit about myself.

Let’s be frank. Life is short.

And there’s not much we can do much about it.

A couple months ago I went to Marquette michigan with my dad for a family reunion. He hadn’t been in his hometown in 37 years.

I had a religious experience

I did a bunch of acid

blah blah blah

it was life changing.

Hey! You’re the man to talk to, because I’m working on some projects.

I’m working on some projects.

I’m converting a police swat vest into a mobile music making rig. The idea is to basically bring the studio to the

I’m obsessed with ideas. New ideas!

Livestreaming floTV sessions once a week.

I recently had a

-=-==–=-=- -=-==–=-=- -=-==–=-=- -=-==–=-=- I’m working on some projects.

I’m converting a police swat vest into a mobile music making rig. The idea is to basically bring the studio to nature. Then take advantage of natural acoustics.

I’m writing an open-sour

60 Second

[@ studio]

[@ NB hacking][10] -

I’m converting a police swat vest into a mobile music making rig. The idea is to basically bring the studio to the

I write music / code /

I need a mentor!

[@live in the station, livestream video]

[@ 1hr long timelapse in 6 seconds of meditating][10]

[ @ w/paleblue dawt LED earth sign ][10] I like lasercutting when I’m not working audio

[@ scootin in the city with sims diamonds][10] I’m producing / acting in a play (a comedy based off the sims with )

[@ DOLO with Sims diamnods][10] I like video when I’m not working audio

[@ day of noise][10] - a highlight clip

[@ poliwat vest][10]

[@ walking along a log w/microphones][10] - a highlight clip

[@ church / organ type setting][10]

[@ live on the radio][10]

[@ in top of a tree / high up][10]

[@ cliff jump][10]

[@ scootin in the city][10]

[@ ben dancing][10]

[@ shubat dancing while I play piano][10]

[@ in studio with gusTed || twoManicans ]

[I’m writing an opensource behavior manual]

I am obsessed with the action of providing value to others, and that’s what I dedicate my life to. I dedicate my life to producing.

Life is short,

Best case scenario you become a master,

I developed this system of being able to meet and record new people, and turn the everyday into a musical.

More discrete goals:

The goals for the radio show is to


10k hours into producing


Right now in laser cutting / VR && 360 film && radio / live stream production

–=–=-==–=-==–==– –=–=-==–=-==–==– –=–=-==–=-==–==–

Here’s the press kit for paleBlueDawt

So Steve, I got accepted by the social good to make PBD a nonprofit. Which I’m down to do, and if you fund it then you get a chance to get your name on it.

It would be fun to work with you!

Stay Lean.

Michael Betts 415 975 1148

-==–=-=-==- -==–=-=-==- -==–=-=-==- -==–=-=-==-

Give me a budget, and I’ll give you cutting edge digital media.

Movie for a millionaire / is better name than movie for a Billionaire

I have over a terabyte of audio I’ve personally recorded. I’ve recorded birthdays, funerals, secrets. I call it Guerilla audio.

So for the chump change price of 2,000 a month, I’ll send you a video noting my progress, on the pale blue dawt platform.

If you’d like to advise or know anyone that can help, that’s welcome!

I’m real open to advice.

I am michael betts and I am an industrious hippy

I am spending 10k hours on mastering producing.

what you get is a video, with the aim to be better each time, each month. We may advise each other. You get all my resources. I have so much talent in my life, it’s magic.

I breed new ideas. You need me and I need you. I can’t make rent. If you don’t want to fund me, I would kill for a work hookup.


me on stage w/2 mannequins.

man i can do so much

man I could $%^&()(&^%$%^&(&^%$%^&()(&^%$%^&(&^%$%^&(&^%$%^&()(&^%^&()(&^%^&(&^%^&(&^%^)))))))))

I’ve done a lot of hacking, music and lsd


-===-=–=- second try:’

me interviewing arabolgy rhamsey dude, making a thing with him,

playing the vest / midi controller

parameters of the instrument.

selling this music making vest thing.

me laser cutting an Earth balancing board

{{Using um fusion 360 for building up the sphere, then drawing up the Earth for the laser. }}


after this many years, I finally know what metacupcake is.

it’s the act of meta recording, like if I record a full readio show, then then next week, I record live over the recording of the radio show, and continue that indefinitely. Then you’re working directly with your previous work. Hearing what you did a week ago should always leave room for improvement. So then l

I’m well on the road to master the art of producing.

You’re the man to check this out - this is some of my music

I’m in this spot,

it’s a magical spot

A 20 minutes bike ride north of the UCSC campus. I have access to the game labs on campus.

the 12 shots 1. me coding 2. on the spaceboard waiting for the lasercutter

me on stage w/2 mannequins. with mackenzie and katherine 12. jumping off the cliff at the lighthouse with a hot girl

thursday 250 PM

https://walabot.com/diy for when I’m rich I’ll get this hugo

Movie For A Millionaire

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