of course the device with the most potential to free us

enslaves us at first

we don't have the social structure fortitude set yet

there are no platos of the phone

there are none yet

who speaks and performs actions in a healthy way with the phone ?

no one I know and I'm

one of the saviest of my friends

and only the rich maybe probably

well I'm not going home just yet

cause its a full moon

it mightve been last night

but I'm a man I'm emotionally behind

at least 24 hours on some things all the time

yet ahead of time my dad finds out how far the cancer has spread

and the tears I shed with a smile

the tears just fall

through these actions with power tools

through these actions with paint

that's not lead based but probably has something in it equally as toxic

and my bare hands feel it

and my nose smells it

I saw about 7 years ago now

the cancer in my dad

and tomorrow he'll know

so yeah I'm emotionally ahead

when I live for the humans that don't exist yet

all my work always free

is what frees me

my religion more women in ppower

and I can't go home

if I want to be a respectable wolf

cause it's my parent's 32 anniversay

that's longer than I've been alive

so tonight's their night

getting picked up for AA @ 630

oo way to go future mic !

that means I'm drinking tonight   

4 dollar bottle of wine

2 buck chuck with a a screw top

writing where I used to love school

and write every drink I had

and there's this chalkboard here in the back
titles before I die

well I chose a good spot tonight

becca didn't answer
she's busy from DC to NY

Paul didn't answer
he's got a second daughter coming this week

Jordan didn't answer   
last night at vons said he loved me

I hit the sauna

and wrote helen a poem

and c chang my ex called

and I helped her get a soundboard working

I'm not scorning

it's just the lack of dialogue means I run my 7

7 dialogues at the same time
composing 7 tracks at the same time

writing 5 books at the same time

AA to get my parents off my  back

hahaha that's funny only my mom

if my mom was a bag of nerves

if my bag of nerves was my mom

cause I contributed to that bag of nerves

I deserve

to take it from chad

go big or home

die in a ditch

die a graceful death

nate got me breakfast

we talked God

told him if 1 human goes to hell

I'm going too

cause I can still help them out

we only as strong as our most pathetic cretan

Imma die a graceful death   

Imma die before I make it big

with grace

cause that's the thing

all else is illusion

make art means pursue truth

and Imma make my momma proud

go to AA now

late for the the bible study

too good a convo with robert

dont tell mom I'm drinking

cause the whole church knows now

I'mma die a graceful death

I'mma create till I'm fed

I'mma sync all these tiny hammers

in everyone's heads

I'mma die a graceful death

and save every last one of yous

cause God talked to me


and I'mma die a graceful death

cause when I almost died

and jelly drove me to the ER

Joy in my heart

on the cusp of this world and the dark

I'mma die a graceful death

bout to move from a tent

to hummingbird studios with free rent

thank you God

and I don't feel bad for drinking   

cause I'm making where Kanye made it

I'mma die a graceful death



learning tonight before even diving in I love it.

shouldn't drink more

but it's a disease right

these are lyrics before I even hit play

headphones on my head for minutes now

archive insturmentals

only helen knows about

my parade on repeat till it annoyed her

she loves it though

cause the wrods I write

when I hit play right

on those beats

she loves me all the more

and the more I listen to JP

I love her more than I love myself

and let's face it

I like myself

I'm doing the right thing
rejecting money in the states

rejecting the latest frameworks

of the tech scene

instead writing my own

scenes on loan

at my parents expense

wasn't born middle class

but they try to pretend

and it's killing them

and as far as I know my

dad's already dead

I hear it in his tone

I'm tone deaf   

a composer with no cues

he said tell becca to

make a movie about brown dog

and that I am

if I had more money in my pocket

and no paleblue.fm

but no god gave me poliw.at

at this point in locker room

you know what serves you

I give all credit to you

cause it's a ride and I'm no passenger

less you play

day of my death

all I work for anyway

so to hell with money

and to hell with words

how do your actions

dictate good verse

sync them hammers up

them hammers in tiny heads

chekov said it best

I'm no writer

a penniless drummer

even piano is drums

the softer you play

the more that is done

who cares

getting lost in the semantics

is how I find the meaning

and if no one understands

I change company





acyronyms L O L

I get past

while you get by

I see through

while you caught up

k okay semantics bore me

so I find meaning

during the boring

you can too

just you your rifle and you

(sorry ladies)

just you your bullets and you

 you can do a lot with a lot of bullets

 but you can't win no war

 cause that's for the boys

 with women writing letters back home

providing the ammunition

but what if lord

the world was run by bullets

instead of wars

yeah if the world was run by bullets

instead of wars

UNESCO says we'd see more

x and y and z

need say no more

I'm drinking by myslef

don't listen to me

or anyone like me

says people on TV


trump got presidency

cause he out republicaned the republicans

and I'm no treasure

cause I believe money is evil

currency is action

action based in belief

money is evil

you can't change me

so I'll die like melville poe and chopin

a fool poor and too early

I'll die in japan

2000 lines later and still no sound

HA helped my ex through it

why I still writing

oh yeah

writing cause I about to be drunk driving

I'll get away with it cause I can spread

dumb statistics in my favor yea yea

like 95% of people with an IQ over 150

that's rare to me

that's unlikely

are ashkanzi jews

HA I'm a russian

HA I'm finnish

HA I'm American

West coast best coast love me my idol

Golden state with the golden hair

don't need me simon cowell

I need empathy intelect from me mom

never gonna get it

why I'll never stop

you gave my dad cancer

and crippled my mom

oh oh idealogies

I'm coming now

cause I wrote in bible study

trumpy go presidency

by out republicanning the republicans

me no jealosouy

we just gotta be humble and learn

you gotta out trump trump

we gotta out Dr. Phils the Dr. Phils

we gotta out Oprah the Oprahs

and if TV so bad

we gotta out Joel the Osteens

please me
no child

cause I'd be too rough

know my own blood

no children from this cause

orphanage many kids without my kin

what I'd prefer to raise

without betts blood in them

cause my genes hit right

but my family ain't right

the wild betts for a reason

damn I know mike

damn we gonna be late

damn it alright

damn I know mike

damn I know mike

this before the tunes

quiet as my past

10 yards from the steinway

no key no ass

but should I call sean now

he's got a kit

that'll get good recordings

on this steinway and shit

but no I gotta polish this myself

and send my poem

cause she asked she wake up

to something I know

I you we them

l o l friend

our thoughts written

is a good excercise

of how we are controlled by our thoughts

so if I write of FTGHBJnkas

please don't let me asugidsadiugkhajdf aeww

and my keep please dont' sadhlfkjawebiuawehrjks me

help ans dadoijkdsbaeohr GE they them us

ZE they hay hey I'm

non binary on my ID

yet federal limits apply

and I a terrorist for knowing

we all gonna die

L O L no hibitionn

no second hand smoke

put tension in peter's voice

then the smoke

inflamed it now he's a mess

living in a tent makes my psychic to that

cause he's counting counting

I busy chasing truth

and those that do

die in the gutter before 32

so steal it all and write
and inspire action mic

we don't need money

satan was clever

the way adam and eve

was always attainable

no money no government

just just actions and words

and you know it

behavioral biology

went and proved it

 if you need your perception convinced

 that'll do it

 but today''s motif

 no remorse wolf holwing at the moon shit

 thank God my parents together

 their mutilated endeavor

 cause if they weren't

 I'd never I couldn't

 write this letter

 to my future self


 you going to AA

 tonight I drink

 that's a good deal

 beyond the crippled speak

 if I'm allowed to speak

  L  O  L





   start     ed  



any =ddd only those top of the hierarchy

can unleash the power

show me someone more talented

and challenge them unleash

badlease sqauters rights as humans rights abused or misued unless you’re talented

as I ```

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