Wed 541 PM

Today was a hermit days

this is what happened;

laundry ++

Kitchen cleanup ++

scheduled peter ++

called DD again ++ (4th time)

got setup

Editing 1st episode

Talked to social good on phone for 45 minutes - playing with the idea of turning Pale Blue Dawt into a musical montage project ( users can send me their tape )

Pale blue dawt, radio

Life The musical

Humans, the musical


Episode 1 Life, the Musical



Oh god, I found out I’m like the last relative to have kids with the family name Betts.

But then I thought, All these other Michael Betts’s I stalk and maintain relationships with are evidence that even if my family dies, the ‘Betts’ family name continues forever.

No one can live forever.

I found this out at a family reunion.

So I went to this family reunion


We’re driving back on this dirt road, and Jeannette is driving a little toyota rav 4. she loads up the walker in the back of the rav and drives us into 7 miles of some dirt road, which basically is a foot path, and then she asks for a beer in the cooler so I grabbed one and she was driving us with a budlight in the coaster it was fun, it was sereal, and all of a sudden


Mood Mood Mood Mood Resilience

2018-01-24 17:41:04 -0800 -0800

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