Wed 422 PM

Rent was due yesterday

Tom owes $600

but can only pay $200

-==–==–=-==- -==–==–=-==- -==–==–=-==- -==–==–=-==-

Peter how are you? Could you spot me 550?

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Everyone is going to sing in the future

because everyone sang in the past

you can never ignore culture

You can never overthrow the USGOV

its usually better to work with the work that has been done

than to ditch work, and reinvent the wheel.

Wed 702 PM

open source marriage


– OSOD –

its inevitable

I pledge

words can only stand from action

so I’ll make 1000 coasters

kid wzrd and the little woke that could

I can hear delecacy in his voice?

what do you mean he speaks strongly, strong opinions and has the loudest voice here. He’s booming with confidence!

No I mean delicacy of his psyche …


wed 857 PM

what’s the update? Worked until bout 4 am on the crypto stuff, the GRID thing was a great success, and I am 1 day late for rent, and just worked all day on gettign more coasters cut

but the saw blade got damamged

so I took some extra time to sand down through the burn marks on each piece

and finally took a shower

and now I

want to kill myself

and just spent 15 minutes in bed

moaning and imagining a pistol in my skull

brb phone call

using only public domain

wed 908 PM

I could be past any threshold and can always come down with regina spektor

I can’t smile

though it costs nothing

selling everything in my room right now,

I will sell everything in my life, except for 3 things -

AV bag
poliwat suitcase
drawing/art suitcase

new audio daily? I want to cut myself tonight

that’ll be the reward if I get enough done

up in my arms so no one notices

why write here? I just be uploading updates to pale blue -==-==- -==-==- -==-==- -==-==- -==-==- -==-==- -==-==- -==-==- -==-==- -==-==- -==-==- -==-==-

on pbdfm

this my mission, but also the misison of th

wed 1153 PM

niko showed me a sweet track he’s working on. I haven’t made music in a hot minute, JK work on it all the time its like eating and sleeping.

nothing will upload so I will make upload folders

moving here was a huge mistake in a lot of ways, but it really wasn’t because maybe I wouldn’t have met hunter :)

my feet hurt so much for some reason. I think its the vibrums? hmmm.

this isn’t working !!! what can I do right now.. laser cut inventory, it hurts to move but I can get designs finalized :D

with descs maybe !

Thursay 925 PM

Fuck everything, vest online

Money The Sequel

2018-06-06 16:22:30 -0700 -0700

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