Just got back from TJs date with H, v fun!

We stuffed our backpacks and totes pandora made for us :D

I already got mine dirty :(

Andres is working here today, and it’s going to be a long media cart day if my package from home comes in the mail….. a lot of goodies.

Too many things to do, but first a blow up catch up haven’t hit it in a while log on all things found to be done A S A P


The next project I’m going to go straight into is a 24 7 stream,

Phase 1: Pre production

Phase 2: Production

Phase 3: Broadcast

Phase 4: Distribuion

So what’s the rush? That looks fine to me. It’s a complicated project, and easy to get lost in the sauce (been at this for too long now), so I’m going to get dirt simple about it all.

This unemployment has change my life for the baggettes

During the week, M - F


(where I’m at)

Priority #1 - Dailies

Priority #2 - Goals

Phase 1 Outline below this Line –=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Folder Tree

  • These are segments, ()flex) assets folders are just starter packs

paleBlueArchive() (what happened today in the past)

pale blue Dawt (humans and music)

federalBeatReserve() (instrumental)

hypothetical House() (last safe space in the galaxy)

freestlyersAnonymous() (for the sing song afflicted)

  • Each fodler has three cats, PSAs, Promos, and then vidya / audio

– PSA (Top of the hour)

– Promo (segments / interludes inbetween)

– Scripts (dialogue, action)


2 hours later and too much pre production done, I want to just start and don’t care anymore. Going to do a marathon of making these assets folders, and then not really give a shit about anything else.

LOL this micro really made me pretty lost in the sauce, I jusst won’t be efficient pumping out vizzies, but realllly want to - not sure what to do so I think I’ll go for a walk for a bit……

Monday Mics and Hacker Church Revamp

2020-09-14 12:03:26 -0400 EDT

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