Writing my own alibis
took years to make it
this far

1st working version, look up mountain pine gift in songs later


(Am Dm  E G)

Dm           G
It’s a little late for honey wine
C - E - Am
but the voids our bullseye
E                E7
even the pine doesn’t mind

Am            Dm       C    E          F      C                  E7
my gifts bring harm to me, Like fruit trees, packed till picked, ripe till ripped,

Dm         G                  C - E  -  Am
mountain top be the mountain pine that resides,

Dm     G
sick all day

C —  E - Am
you are wizard of your own life

F     Cmaj7                      G7     
be the mountain itself, not the pine

Am            Dm       C         E                F   C          E7
but even the pine doesn't mind, it grows all the time without mind

Dm           G            C
it thinks left wait or right

Am            Dm       C         E                F   C          E7
mountain top the mountain pine resides, be the mountain itself, not the pine

Em               A7
don't worry of monuments in your name
Em               A7   B7
it's all you just the same

Dm               G
It’s a little late for honey wine

C  -  E —  Am
but we’re aiming for the void

F                 G
where the sky and wave

could each be one and the same
hold it right side up
ocean looks like sky
hold it upside down
sky looks like ocean   
waves and sky aiming for the void


Just got back from a reset walk, cause H and I biked to target and biked

I made a weekly Russian language club today, going to falll asleep
All so bonjo could get a break from the kids and because I want to get better at Russian because damn you shouldn’t ever just know 1 language - and now she can work on her dreams and will get a lot out of helping me catch up :D

The real question is what did you do to hop skip jump drop L cooz friend


|| Great talk with Hunter - Love life right now, too happy to make art what do you know look at that ||


sorry not sorry I'm born a michael (6)
born a leader michael archangel (6)

high-school bully died of cancer lull (9)
tennis court at his house will (6)
didn't need to smash his skull (6)
lord did that for me I go
don't brag
just have a relationship
hot hot hot
it's dog backwards
hot hot hot
everyone's afraid to say it
hot hot with god
hot hot with god
hot hot with god

hot with god(3)
mike and will (6)

grew up tennis court at his house will  (9)
tennis court at his house will (6)

high-school bully died of cancer, lull (9)
didn't need to smash his skull, lull (6)
lord on my side lull, lull
I was born a leader I was born a Michael

 audio archangel born a leader born a michael






since birth arrogance and rich

born a leader named michael

skull ()

born a leader day one of my dailies done

on the run can't pay rent again still getting some

god damn way you move your face make me thank god I save face

always pushing limits on girl thinking  

always boundaries on everythings
always bring it back to that sandbox
most ya'll swallowed your kid
as adult whales
I gotta pale !
call that moby dick my gift!
you gift is
loved england then you switched

cali corrupted your pussy bitch

archangel and michael archangel and michael

love where you roost
everyone you get to know
well enough
needa lobotomy
lone wolves all monotone
not listening
cept cnn  on repeat
mainstream outa skeet
we ain't believe that no more
40 years later
news out for cigs
I smoke for dey memories

before they zombies
that my best friends
damn I smoke when
they my best friends
always yes, when they my best friends
Imma smoke for dey memories
before they turn zombies
turn zombies, turn zombies, turn zombies

left the woods to hit the mission (8)
play practice she british she thin (8)
she write it real but call it fiction (8)
gotta a sister almost a twin (8)

came on her moby dick shirt
now her boyfriend hurt
she torn now I got dirt
from cam's couch
to bob's bed
1 year later think she pregnant
20 bucks my name owe her rent
from cali to brooklyn (6)

she came for a play and fell for a beach bum (9)

from this April and last
and my ex never heard
jack's window x3
came on her moby dick shirt
now her boyfriend hurt
she torn now I got dirt
hotel fucked it all up
if fucking up meant fall in love  

Should I be accurate to 'this' or 'that'

still haven't seen Mikey and Nicky
going steady headed bars on dash ready
going harder than salt on spaghetti
when granny's cooking racy dinners
with extra butter
and no credit to the laundry masters
mastered art from Moby
nobody mastered art from dobby
lost a lotta girls to harry potter
lost many a men to league of legends
forgive the racists that smoke me out
change through my actions not my mouth
Chicago gentrified projects for 1k a month
never getting married but raisin a natty actor
most nasty you couldn't compete with this 4 year old
he's coming you don't know
definition of talent
lost in translation
cousin or my second cousin?
fuck it he's my uncle to me
and bought me meat for 200 hundred
while quarantined in Brooklyn

funny how suppressed expression became
for the rich to decide through hollywood copyright
dealin with the devil without superstition
bad deal run dumb dude intuition
fam and save not far from another race
they you and us no matter who you hate
that's mental retardation
I'm getting frustration
why the bar so low for men
bar too low for women
what the fuck we doing
notta good spread
that not good odds
coming off wrong
hoping where it not
drone pilots gone therapy
shit harder than telepathy
onto me notha

cyn called from a banger in me
by wanting some sex
by needing some sweat

I'm the kinda boyfriend
wires over bluetooth
wanna show mom
everyone a tool
till proven otherwise
to low brow to be pretention
most pretentious outa my hometown squad
every where I go
SF LA Chicago New York
Every where I got a crew congregates

But he always made dinner
and it was never enough

ask yourself, how many mass shooters are drowning in pussy?
virgin suicides soundtrack to say
Hello Van's goodbye ankles

best kind of advice comes from those
sucking on poison sticks

best advice from poison stick sucking civs

moralists stay moral
immoralists constantly become immortal

find the medicine in disease

pissing my pants at prospect park

before I started to see the world
with smartphones as leashes

make something so hard
it becomes a genre  

life through a bicycle  

so I never talked about it

there isn't much of anything
without a witness

that's the kinda boyfriend I am

Not below this line

  • may 2020 = I’m outgrowing irony

Dailies Questions Answers
Read() What did you read? - Moby Dick Chapter 41
Write() What did you write? - LaC, Human and the Law
Create() What did you make? - New acoustic guitar song in Am, working title called My Gift
Exercise() Dance workout (or otherwise?) -Walked to park with Gina/becca, biked the loop @prospectPark w/h / danced to Packers by me
Audio() You recorded what: -Guitar Lude in Bathroom
Video() You filmed what: -Skaters at the park
Finish() You bounced what track: Mountain Trail Guitar
Live() You sang what live: ‘My gifts’
Finish2() You made what visuals
Phone() You called who: Bonjo
Share() Uploaded what to archive:
PBD() You did what for PBD? Fimed helen doing a PBA vid for may 30th, 2020
Web() You did what to POLIW.AT? -This post
Love&Legacy() You did what for friends/fam? Organized a weekly russian language meetup with bonjo
God() You’re grateful for what? Pizza and orange sherbet becca bought OMG so good


Moby Gift Gave George Doc a Chance

2020-05-04 12:52:23 -0400 EDT

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