Sunday 803 PM

My granny’s hometown. I can’t wait to go there.

I walked home in about an hour and 30 from campus, listening to tape from yesterday and reading 12 rules for life.

The only reason I have jordan peterson’s book is because Bean happened to have it and she brought it over. Cas Katie Celia Simone came over at 9 with a live chicken and we took it to the chapel. I watched Katie kill it with her bare hands, it was the first chicken she’s killed. She practiced the manuver we googled on my hand, and it hurt. You can’t really get out of it. During that moment of silence when Katie as about to kill the chicken, I wanted to scream STOP like the end wedding scene in The Graduate. But I didn’t because I wanted to see if she would actually kill it. How many humans / creatures have died because no one in the group said anything, because they wanted to see if the killer would kill? After she cut the chicken’s head off with my buck knife, I put it on a nice random page in Jordan Peterson’s book.

Today is the day I submit to Jordan Peterson. And I do this becasue this last month has been bad. I know I’m cosmically behind schedule.

This last trip trip with lucy hunter lupe koa max and bridget was real educational. But I failed in many zones, and don’t have much good audio.

But what I do have, is the new direction.

It is here and now that I submit myself to rehab. I will finish my behavior manual for myself and a workable version of poliwat - then hit the road and be a modern day ronin or sorts.

I’m on the road to becoming a master

The journeyman is called a journeyman because they live in the journey. If we imagine life as a sacred circle, then the journey is a method to traverse circles over a period of time. This is where the journeyman is on the road to becoming a master.

Where am I

Who am I

Why am I

When am I

What am I

is this a free statue could I steal it? if I can lift it? my ex dumped me before I got excalibur now

pay off audio debt

and then wayyyyy down the line - pay off actual debt with art

I feel focused.

Now I’m all about using science to make art towards improving humanity. Using that science to make art

Vitruvian Man

song - kids choir

mom make me a sandwhich
dad make me a manwhich
I don't wanna make one myself

my job is to play
your job is to not
that's how society's built

you wanna be me
I wanna be you
I want a sandwhich
for ever

pb n j forever
mom and dad forever
until one goes home

dad do I have to be a soldier
mom do I have to be a man
sister do I have to be a player
for your older friends

Mom make me an astronaut
dad make me a cosmonaut
sister get me a date

play date

Sunday 918 PM

Who am I ?

I feel been a huge disapointment for Avery the past few weeks. The Art x thing is like coming up and I didn’t film.

is it

I hate depression and depression hates me


I love depression and depression hates me

sober mike

I’m going sober for a while

my new God is a spliff on Junet 16th.

Hey if you can’t beat them

Human Gauge 1

Quickly fill in these blanks in your head
(or write)

home is where ______

I am ______

I am not ______

I will ______

I will not ______

Hopefully, ______

Exercises for humanity

Who am I

What happens when I


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Sunday 1032 pm

I want pussy in my mouth

Sunday 1049 PM

I speak this way because this way speaks to me

cleaning my room

setting up the laser cutter in my room

going to be asleep by midnight

sober mike continues

black tea to last the remaining time.


will you love me

and my ugly parts

overlook the abuse of my feet

abuse of my limbs

sacrifice of my liver

obsession with self mutilation

need for russian roulette

material synecdoche

let us escape with the meat profound belief back to the future it present with me

deadpan | peter pan

called otter I auteur you

challenge accepted on road to wings on thought to things fantasy road to mastery full of ronin vibes I cant hang cause humanity at stake change

sunday 1151 PM

I’m begging you let me work the last words of the person that made astro boy

whats in my future my foam roller and dentures

will you love that

will you love me

monday 12 AM

I can do anything 1000 times

won't admit how long this took to produce

they don't have a clue

get a noose

I future average

nature reward courage

you archaic salad

give me a noose

bottle fights lonliness

fuck is an emotion

browserquest my gf
bomb thread to fed
incognito window though
know it don't help

all the beauty I like
all the ugly I like
what emotion most hidden
50 shades of mike

dont let me breed
dont let me breed
dont let me breed
dont let me breed
culture of self mutilation

Misk In Belarus

2018-05-27 20:02:53 -0700 -0700

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