When the lines blur
but it feels like poetry,
Milieu Thank You
The virtual fire is playing,
Milieu Thank You...
Fireplace video is on loop
Frank's concept album
helen's making a collage
Becca's reading NY times
Gina's eyes closed to blues music
I'm writing
we're making cabara tonight
practicing lines
just painted 1 of 4 blue hues
waves and sky
aiming for the void
where the sky and wave
could each be one and the same
hold it right side up
ocean looks like sky
hold it upside down
sky looks like ocean   


^ hit them up

“It’s a little late for honey wine” -becca

Handwritten from the 14th of February.

God's greatest creation music
satan's greats creation
word of God
my greatest creation
hasn't happened yet
As the master mason
never knows which
brick lied perfect
I'll die before I know
my perfect mix
said the alchemist.

but you only you
more you talk
work the bar
less you have to do
said the girlfriend.
He's punching!
Said her girlfriend
Same word; different terms, so welcome.
Welcome to Earth,
where love as capital,
power as poison,
knowledge as poison,
therapy as escape,
homogenization as disease

and all the christians tricked by
{{{{{{{{{   the word   }}}}}}}}}

we will survive if we treat
power as poison
we will survive if we treat
therapy as escape

Milieu Thank You

2020-04-18 20:40:13 -0400 EDT

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