Monday 952 AM

my asshole is on Fireflies cause I ate so much bread last night

some dude just walked in on me shitting at taco bell

and my heart didn’t even skip a beat

heading to the zoo !!! Me mom dad are here in the van now and we’re about to rendevous with bonnie paul mila and marion.

Im real excited for it - and then Im going to drive to SF tonight for the table reading of the play p2

I feel slower than usual- got v high last night. I want to take a break from substances, so I’m going to do that.

I remember being a kid at the zoo - that’ one of the few memories I feel like I hadn’t supressed.

I lost access to a lot of my childhood memories.





=-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-= =-=-=-=

Monday 425 PM

Just got done with the zoo - I miscalculated time heavily and now I’m going to be late for the table read tonight in SF :(.

All good though I’ll start in last place and work hard to hit first :).


Monday 608 PM

not another cig (after today maybe)
not another beer

or just moderated
but I

tuesday 1213 AM

sorry jack bout the table read I feel real bad

was too late for the table read in SF cause I rode with my family instead of taking a separate car. Had a nice zoo session with family though.


just got back home

who put this playboy as POTUS humans on the net humans on the net

poliwho poliwhen poliwhy

why my main emotion disappointment

when I walk in the street and everytime spawns a heram

why we live in world where you go from princeton to prison if you’re wearing a turban but vibe like tyler durden then this Princeton to Paul Graham

insta candy gram strippers facebook targeted hookers twitch midgets talking fitness

why she think that was assault? cause uterus more regulated than assault weapons

do while for when oops missing bracket outsource to india profit

so make that object you

when ()

=-=-=-=-DIDNT MAKE THE CUT-0-0–0-0—0—00

strong words from a white man I love you I love you I love you

who put this in charge

what emotion is most hidden

when I walk in the street

where you go at night
is for yourself and your secret keepers

why we live in world wehre

oh yeah becca with the weird thing about fruit?
yeah becca who saved me
let her read letters from your future self
let me in tell me which way to blow
huffington post got mad
when I made out with half the half wit
under staffed over worked under paid true grit

so many people..
too many people..

stargazing I chasing
this a distraction or a blessing
dont question romance
she gaze into my eye
on trampoline in night  
dont you know the more people you have around
the less stars you'll see  

918 AM

whats funnier than a dad on dmt ? a mom on dmt

tuesday 1152 AM what does a sober person do ?

Milas First Zoo and Table Reading for Poetics 2

2018-08-20 09:53:36 -0700 -0700

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