Saturday 515 PM

Mom is babysitting Mila for the first time. She likes Raggae

It’s time to go back online. I’ve been sick since Monday, and still have a nasty cough. I feel weak and fat.

Going to retroactively share what happened on the off days, and finally work on poliwat.

My Zelda botw binge has been relentless. I love storming Ganon’s castle and hunting down lynels. I want to make a music video with actual gameplay on something. But I need a special device to record the switch currently. I want to find a way to do it for free. In the meantime it is seriously time to start making money off beats.

Connecting to the dark web at Starbucks 1046 am Conversations with people I care about

You’re either growing or you’re dying. I grew on my zelda skills this week for sure.

Found what I can use to explain poliwat

Perfect! Too many things to do. I hate being on dayQuil it makes me stupider. Not being on a healthy ecosystem of drugs makes me stupider too.

I hate being sick aojfahwekljfadsbvxiuehkjfsdefahiujsdbcfshuidkjvhifudkjds I’m like an old man this is what it will be like and for years I’ll have to work like this god damn mortality god bless it

But we need to break this down and prioritize. I’m starting with an official poliwat release schedule.

Rough talking about projects first. Github needs to be complete by the time I hit san mateo Jimmothy Leary needs to be complete by then as well. (a linkable album with art to venues and stuff) Illest Village - beat inventory and posting of all beats on dedicated accounts

Mila Likes Reggae

2017-09-09 17:14:54 -0700 -0700

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