Dat sat

Dat sat

time to hit natty garden
for pots and soil
I asked for a spray bottle

Dat sat
woke up did dishes
didn't say a word
'going on a bike ride'
Dat sat
biked and scavenged
and people watched museum
free and fun tag your it
basic bitches on a docked boat bar YEAH
Brooklyn bridge when Ray called
shake shack closed yall
asked her what she desire
she said I'm adding pressure
on the spot what not
Dat sat
doesn't think of sex
until we're having some
until we're apart 1 night
so I'm apart mic
freestyle one one part right
invite to fill us all in
on the beat on the topic
of what happened


Dat sat
hook liine sinker
works only in one god damn
mother fucking speaker
right hear blaring
left acting proud
right sticks it slouch
know how it go
bu bull
bullet in your mouth
bullet in your mouth

 Dats Saturday fun day biked around
 found helen a present
 dominican let me in the building
 I got huge sheets of paper
 but wait my favorite book here now?
 steppenwolf to bike
 to hide the easel in the studio
 grab some wood cut it 24 inches a plank and
 pack em all and BIKE BACK
 stick em all on the cart YEAH
 now the desktop fits YEAH
 your turd is the new BART




{{ I’m having a hard time being patient right about now lol }}

{{ I need you to leave now you said you were leaving }}

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Mikes Reality

2020-08-01 15:05:35 -0400 EDT

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