even dead fish go in the oven -gina

The human and the Show == The only rule for this show is we are all someone else

best day ever

work writing LaC, biking, pizza, stoop, ice cream, songs, WASP short, George Harrison documentary.


Read [] What did you read? - sparknotes of alice in wonderland

Write [] What did you write? - love as capital - human and the cog

Create [] What did you make? -

Exercise [] Dance workout (or otherwise) - Biked out ad about with Helen listening to old freestyle tapes @kzsu

Audio [] You recorded what: -

Visual [] You filmed what: -

Finish A [] You bounced what track: -

Live [] You sang what song(s) live: - landlocked blue by bright eyes with Becca

Finish V [] You made what visuals:

Phone [] You called who:

Share [] You uploaded what to Archive:

Website [] You did what to Paleblue.fm:

Website [] You did what to poliw.at:

Love and Legacy [] You did what for friends/family:

God [] You’re grateful for what:


Miculu Batulu in Sunday Cog

2020-05-03 10:37:42 -0400 EDT

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