Saturday 414 AM

I learned a sure of a hell of a lot about the Betts family

Tommy Betts mentored my dad in guitar. Another relative said he came over to Tommy’s house one day and said to him at the door “Do you drink?” “Do you fuck?”.

glazed doughnut

Saturday 822 AM

Heading to The Betts Family reunion!

This place has been so inspirational, I put off all other projects to instead create a little Michigan EP. All the sounds recorded are here in and around Marquette.

It’s called Marwuettiqutics Don’t have much to write I’ve been so busy working on these tracks for the new project for the week.

Tuesday 840 PM august 8th

been in the marquettettique vortex

got lost for 45 minutes trying to find the rental

called my cousin a pussy I just met the other day

and right now my dad is playing songs for one of his old bitties from 30 years ago


make a

Hi my name is Brian

desperado’s waiting for the train

1971 magic number

the war effort

the gaslight theatre - Dave oreilly

welcome to the betts family reunion album I’m michael william betts and I learned something yesterday my family is wild!

(also I’m the youngest male betts that I’m currently aware of)

This album includes a collection of songs, stories and recordings all captured and produced in and around Marquette Michigan

Context is key, and some recordings have little explanation tracks inbetween. You can view the album with explanations or without.

Track list:

  1. Home of the Pastie (intro spoken word over glazed doughnut)

this song is dedicated to the wise elder life is a sacred cricle we dance to pray we pray to heal we heal to live we live to dance

life is a sacred circle

song in the northwin

—=—-=- 1 - electronic

2 - stories

3 - jeanette, country guitar

4 - flute





-=-=-=-=- thurs 834 pm fuck i pay off my debts tonight and sleep

Michigan Vortex

2017-08-05 04:14:17 -0700 -0700

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