My dad and I went to checkout a guitar on craigslist today. It’s ‘instrumental’ that we get a guitar on this trip, because the magic and emotions have been running high so far.

We had a great time with him, spent 20 minutes cracking jokes and BSing. Erik is hilarious. Towards the end of the transaction, Erik handed me the jacket seen in the picture above. It is my new favorite jacket, and I’m dedicating my next track to Erik.

One caveat was that we thought the guitar had and input jack. We bought a quarter inch cable from the local music store and went down by the lake at the park, and found out that the input jack on the guitar wasn’t even plugged into anything. So for the whole album, it looks like I’ll have to aim my zoom h5 on the body of the guitar to record all those parts. The jacket more than made up for the missing pickup.

Michigan Day 3

2017-08-05 12:29:01 -0700 -0700

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