work on screw your weaknesses emphasize your strengths

your communication said first puff spring break

Dailies Questions Answers
Read() What did you read? X
Write() What did you write? X
Create() What did you make? X
Exercise() Dance workout (or otherwise?) X
Audio() You recorded what: X
Video() You filmed what: X
Finish() You bounced what track: X
Live() You sang what live: X
Finish2() You made what visuals X
Phone() You called who: X
Share() Uploaded what to archive: X
PBD() You did what for PBD? X
Web() You did what to POLIW.AT? X
Love&Legacy() You did what for friends/fam? X
God() You’re grateful for what? X



Michael Take Communication Classes

2020-06-28 18:00:42 -0400 EDT

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